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ACE, Inc. is a consumer-driven agency and caring community whose mission is to reduce the isolation of consumers of mental health agencies, and to improve their quality of life. This goal is met by challenging, encouraging and offering hope to members through peer support, educational services, social and recreational activities, advocacy, and opportunities for community involvement.



We offer two scheduled activities a day, a noon meal, and daily van transportation.

Support Programs

We offer peer support, self-help and educational opportunities

Ace Choices Outreach

Outreach Projects

Our members give back to local nonprofit organizations.

Supporting those with a mental illness.

The prevalence of mental illness nationwide is on the rise. Because isolation is so prevalent among people who live with mental illness, A.C.E. provides a unique support system which often feels like family to those who drop in regularly. A.C.E. strives to meet the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs of its members, all under the umbrella of hope! We exist to offer hope to those who feel hopeless.

Our Vision

To create an environment that brings hope and improves the quality of life for persons affected by mental illness and substance abuse.

Our Values

Everyone is entitled to live a quality life in the community. Our services should be person centered, recovery focused, holistic and peer driven.


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